Rules Of Admission

  1. The student will be subject to the rules and discipline laid down by the school.
  2. All school fees must be paid monthly in advance on the first day of each month for the full TWELVE MONTHS of the year. Students with school fees in arrears of 2 months will be suspended until these fees are brought up to date.
  3. If the parent or guardian wishes to terminate the student’s enrolment at the school, he/she must give a full term’s written notice to the school. If this is not done, the person responsible for payment of the fees will be obliged to pay a term’s fee from date of notice.
  4. All students wishing to enter the school will be required to write an entrance examination. The outcome of this examination will determine the student’s admission. A fee of R850 for entrance examinations (O & AS/A Level) and a fee of R650 for Pre-O Level will be required.
  5. A non-refundable entrance fee of R3800 will be required. This amount will be utilized for the upgrading of the school.
    School fee structure for 2019:

    • Pre O-Level : R 3,300.00 Per month
    • O-Level : R 3,500.00 Per month
    • A/AS-Level : R 3,700.00 Per month
      Payment Options :
    • A debit order for 12 months of the year for the 1st of each month in advance (example 1 January for the month of January)
    • Per term (3 months in advance payable 1 January each year)
    • Per year for 12 months with a 7% discount paid on 1 January each year.
  6. All textbooks are ordered from Cambridge University Press and if a student orders a book, the school will send an invoice to the parent/guardian.
  7. Examination fees for O and AS/A Level students must be paid by 10 August annually. Students who enter must pay the fees even if they later on decide to withdraw. Students with outstanding fees from the previous year will not be allowed to join school again until fees are settled.
  8. Every student entering for the Cambridge Examinations in November will be obliged to pay R700 for the postage and packaging of the papers being sent to the UK. This is payable 10 August annually.
  9. A Doctor’s letter is required when a student is absent. Tests will not be rescheduled unless a Doctor’s letter is handed in.